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New Era Diabetes check-1

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Tests/ Parameters

General Instructions

  1. Wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable footwear, as the doctor might ask you to change before the tests
  2. All information about consultations and additional appointments must be provided beforehand. This will help us prepare and schedule the required appointments in a timely manner. It will also save your time as you wouldn’t have to wait for a doctor. Note that all additional procedures including medical investigations and consultations are chargeable. The amount has to be paid at the Health Check-up centre.

  3. Kindly give us accurate and detailed information about your medical history. Inform our technicians if you are diabetic or have high blood pressure before they collect the blood samples.

  4. Male patients who are scheduled for the Stress Test (TMT) are requested to kindly shave off chest hair before coming in for the Check-up.

  5. Important Instruction For Women

    • A Health Check-up during your menstrual period is ill-advised.

    • Pregnant ladies and expecting mothers should not undergo any X-ray procedure.

  6. Carry the medical records and perceptions of any drugs that you are currently taking or have taken in the past. Also, inform our medical staff if have had any serious medical treatment like surgery or an operation in the past. Follow the doctor’s prescription and do not leave your medicine course midway.

  7. Do not eat anything 12 hours prior to the health check-up. You can drink water. Also, complete abstinence from alcohol for at least 12 hours is a must.

  8. Fasting for a minimum 12 hours is essential (drinking of water is permitted) . Complete abstinence from alcohol for at least 12 hours is a must.

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