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New Era Diagnostics

Revolutionizing Healthcare

At New Era Diagnostics, we redefine healthcare with swift, tailored lab tests. Our error-free reports assure timely, accurate information, fostering confidence in diagnosis. We transcend traditional healthcare, curbing potential suffering. As Hyderabad's premier diagnostic lab, we prioritize quality testing at cost-effective rates for labs and hospitals citywide. Quality is our ethos. Holding ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, we're known for unmatched speed and accuracy. As Hyderabad's first IT-enabled, 24x7 automated lab, we blend logistics and technology, delivering results within 8 hours. Our commitment to innovation shines through. With branches across Telangana, we began our journey in 2022, offering complete body checkup packages starting at just 749 INR.

Leading the Path in Healthcare

New Era Diagnostics boasts a network of automated labs manned by skilled technicians and pathologists. Our unwavering dedication to accuracy empowers every test we conduct.

Our Mission

To expedite, enhance, and illuminate each patient's medical journey with unrivaled diagnostic solutions.

Our Vision

To provide reliable, accessible diagnostic services in a customer-centric, cost-effective manner, continually elevating our standards through technological prowess and skilled professionals.

Corporate Wellness

Trusted by 50+ corporates, we offer tailor-made wellness solutions, realizing that a healthy workforce fuels productivity.

Pre-Employment Check-Up

Our comprehensive packages evaluate employees' health, comprising tests such as blood sugar, ECG, kidney and liver profiles, blood pressure, and more, ensuring the fitness of your team.

Join us in the new era of diagnostics, where precision meets care, and wellness thrives.
Discover health anew with New Era Diagnostics.



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